Digital Microscopy

in Pathological Anatomy and Cytology


About the project 


MiDiPATH project (Digital Microscopy in PATHological Anatomy and Cytology) aims to design and develop a set of new digital tools, helping anatomical pathologists refine very serious diseases diagnosis, such as cancers. The tools are specifically  designed for the detection of rare elements. 

The project brings together the “Centre Hospitalier public du Cotentin” based in Cherbourg, the GREYC laboratories (University of Normandy) based in Caen, and Epinest, a company based in Colombelles. All of the three partners are located in Normandy, France.

This collaborative project is funded by Région Normandie and by the European Union (FEDER).   

MiDiPATH project is prizewinner of the “Oncochimie initiative launched by the Normandie region in partnership with the POLEPHARMA cluster.