Le Centre Hospitalier Public du Cotentin

CHPC is one of the largest non-university Hospital Center in Normandy, particularly in terms of capacity.
It has 1,114 beds and places of dialysis and radiotherapy, spread over 2 sites (Cherbourg & Valognes).
It employs more than 2,000 professionals, including 160 physicians.
It also has a SMUR (“mobile intensive care units” – MICU).
CHPC serves a catchment area of 100,000 inhabitants and is the referral hospital for more than 200,000 people.This teaching hospital trains  many intern physicians, nursing students, aides and other paramedics and also carries out  Research, Biology & Pathology and Medical Imagery.

GREYC laboratories

The GREYC lab realizes research works in the field of digital science with activities in image processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer security, fundamental computer science, Web science and electronics. The laboratory is headed by Christophe ROSENBERGER. It has 7 research groups with faculty members from ENSICAEN, UNICAEN and CNRS, PhD students in addition to administrative & technical members.

GREYC and CHPC have been working  together since 1996. The two entities share projects, high-tech infrastructure, locations and scientific personnel.  GREYC and CHPC collaborate in the fields of Applied Mathematics, Computer science and Pathology. More informations here

Epinest brings together trained and selected experts in 3 areas of expertise: H.R.I.S solutions (consulting and integration), new technologies development & implementation and SmartHealth since 2013. Epinest’s teams supports its customers in their digital transformation, in order to adapt to continuous innovation and to remain competitive, in a ongoing search for agility. Epinest is now 40+ collaborators, based in 3 locations: Paris, Caen (Normandy), and Tunis (Tunisia), with a constant increase in annual sales.